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Group Exhibition "Thinking of Readymades Belong to Everyone*" at Greene Naftali

Greene Naftali is pleased to present the group exhibition Thinking of readymades belong to everyone®. In 1987, the French artist Philippe Thomas (1951–1995) founded the agency readymades belong to everyone® as a conduit by which collectors became authors of the artworks they acquired. This exhibition brings together a group of figures who participated in this gesture, the attendant body of work that underwent this transaction, and ephemera related to the agency that marketed a place in art history in exchange for financial endorsement of an artwork. The exhibits in this show can be considered as pieces of fiction, variously attributed to Thomas, the agency, and acquirers, and thus represent the highly composed body of work of an artistic figure whose most decisive act was that of self-erasure. READ MORE HERE

Image and text: Greene Naftali Website