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"Ferus Gallery: Between the Folds" at Alden Projects

Ferus Gallery: Between the Folds unfurls the iconic graphic history of Los Angeles’ storied gallery: the Ferus. Organized by Alden Projects™ on the 60th anniversary of Ferus’ founding, this exhibition brings together 66 Ferus Gallery exhibition posters, including many never previously reproduced and many from Irving Blum Gallery, the name under which Ferus (1957-1967) continued from 1967 through 1973. In addition to mapping the full arc of Ferus’ historic exhibition program, these intimately scaled invitation posters are nevertheless the stuff of art and art history, unfolding the gallery’s distinctive artistic, but also deliberate publicity strategies. Characteristically folded in four, these posters sometimes channel the unique voices and the particular sensibilities of the artists; between the folds of these canny printed vehicles, these surprising, original detachments also materialize the gallery’s surplus ambitions during the gallery’s distinct eras, setting Ferus apart from anything that came before it in California. READ MORE

Photo & text: Alden Projects Website